This site is my ‘developing’ open source knowledge base for people who want to explore life to the full, turn up the passion while reducing the pains.

It also explores my business ventures and current activities.

I’m an entrepreneur and have build a variety of companies and explored many vocations in a simple pursuit; to learn more about everything.

My business successes include; Building the largest coin company in north America;  2 cross border pharmacy companies; One of the largest online jewelry stores; Starting my own film school, (acted in 12 TV commercials but never found the courage to persue it further) all of which I sold and moved on to the next ‘adventure’.

I have also had many clients/customers over the years and love diversity.

I recently took to the road to get a feel of what it’s like to live with no money and as a result I’m now building a Eco/Design/Self sustainable Minimal Homes venture (you can explore in the right hand column). It’s taken me 3 years to just work and study the market but it’s been more fun than I imagined.

My personal goal is to travel and explore ALL that life has to offer and to share that with those I meet along the way.

I love social media and the possibilities it opens up , not to mention the financial opportunities if that’s your thing.

Life is a very short journey to a certain end. I have learnt along the way how to be healthy, happy & perpetually passionate and I’m now finally simply enjoying the thrill of the ride.

My goal is to continue to share my experiences for the good of all and I’m always happy to take on any seemingly impossible challenges. Because there’s always a new twist to explore and most importantly learn from; as we all ‘learn to be still’ and enjoy the ride.

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