My new wife and I had bought and old broken down victorian house that needed a lot of work. I spent the next 2 years restoring it to its former glory while running my agency from my restored stables.

A Mercedes pulled up in my cobbled court yard and a man who became a close friend and godfather to my daughter stepped out. Richard believes in visting people he targets working with and this was his call.

I was fitting a new back door frame at that moment and could do with a little help. Although Richards Georgio Armani suit didn’t look like it was up to the job.

The movie BIGFISH wasn’t a thing then. But the man who is characterised in it was. Dan Wallace was as colorful as any character can be and Richard was Dan’s close friend and main man.

Richard offered me a position with his company in London; Wallace International. I refused as I had a lot of work to do in the house but Richard made me an offer I didn’t have the heart to refuse.

If you are familiar with the movie you’ll understand that Dan was a great story teller. When I met him he said something that stuck with me to this day; “Jahn (in his deep southern USA accent) if you ever have to embellish a story; you missed the chance of living it the way you should have, had you shook off your inhabitions. Life is a wonderful journey and we create the stories that inspire generations to come. Make sure you live it as you wish to tell it”.

This was indeed a life lesson I hope I am living up to today.

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