I write to help me think deeper and evaluate my findings on my journeys and to inspire people to be more passionate.

Amazing imaginary adventures of Penelopy and Thomas;   The golden key
This is one of the many stories in the series I told to my children at bedtime.

Mary’s Canvas (The short story)
This book is a short story that discribes us all.
‘A blank canvas on the surface with rich multi-layered colors.’ I intend to turn it into a full novel when I find the time.

Learn to be still (This is a draft of the work in progress)
Yes I know Nathans rambling on the plane is too much. (editing already) also lots of typos ie plain/plane; too/to etc. All being changed as you read 🙂
This is a lifetime work in progress. It changes with every step of my ever changing journey. While I learn to be still 🙂

There’s no spoilers but may leave you wondering where the heck this is going as the tension and suspense grows. I can just promise you are in for a BIG surprise.

I have also written many articles such as; ADDICTION (Chemically challenged intellect)