Buy a Minimal home

I’m sure the first question you have is; “How much is a minimal home?” Well in a nutshell, they start at 45,000 EU plus the land cost which you may or may not have to pay for.

Our Minimal Homes are designed in modules.
The standard module is:
This is a combined space with a living room/bedroom/kitchen combined space plus a shower and toilet. The units arrive on site in 2 parts and are connected on site. They are fully equipped and include a double bed, kitchen appliances, toilet and shower. Options are available at the time of ordering.
This consists of 2 modules and is designed to provide separate sleeping quarters for extended families. The living room is the same as the first design but an extra bedroom is added.
Again this simply and extra living space added to the HOME+1 design.

All modules are designed to be portable in the even that you wish to move to another location or are relocated by a change in council planning.

All homes are equipped with a 2000w solar array and an energy storage system for produced energy. The system can be expanded to 4000 watts if required. This allows the unit to be completely off grid in remote locations.

Contact: John McMaster by direct facebook message