While visiting a good friend in Vancouver Canada on our way to LA I fell in love with BC and the idea of a better way of life for my family. We promptly sent in the applications on our return and before we knew it were accepted and packing our bags headed for a place where we knew only one person and an opportunity to make a fresh start.

I decided I wanted to clean windows. My wife though I was crazy which I probably was for a short time. I was chatting with one of my potential cleaning customers when they observed that I didn’t really fit the window cleaner stereotype, whatever that is.

I explained that I wanted to do something different and what I had done previously. Turned out she was a director of a large company that wanted me to ‘pop into her office, to explore some ideas’ I subsequently created a large loyalty program for them.

When I went to visit their advertsing agency to discuse the details. I was impressed by their lavish offices and commented that I would like an office like this. And if this was my office I would make that very board room my office overlooking the Lions gate bridge and Canada place in Vancouver. She laught and said I may find a smaller office in the building. A few week later I looked up the buildings agent only to discover that the agency had merged with another and the offices were up for grabs. When I say up for grab I mean it turned out they only had a 2 year lease remaining and couldn’t find any tenant who would take it on.

I got my corner office over looking the bay.