Like all ventures, the 2 most important considerations are; What is the risk factor?; and What is my exit strategy?

Risk comes with every venture due mainly to uncertain economic factors and of course the management team’s attitude in building the business as a profitable progressive business model and not a pipe dream.

My personal approach to business has alway been to build something you can ultimately sell. This approach has always help me lay solid foundations for my business ventures.

But Option2 has some very interesting dynamics which can substantially reduce the risk factors to invertors.

As a land investor you will simply buy land and allow us to manage it for a 5 to 10 year period.
The benefits to you is that we increase the value of the land by connecting it the services and in by making the land more desirable as we prepare the land for our customers.

Manufacturing investors
Building our factory in Poland will play a key role in reducing the production cost of or minimal homes. As a long term investor you will become an integral part of or team and in our long term planning process. The risk factor isof course highest but the long term gains are also the greatest.

Home purchasers
There are 2 types of purchaser investors;
1. Pre-purchase a rental unit. By pre-purchasing you help support us in our early development period. Your unit will earn you a monthly revenue and can be sold back to us at a later date if you need the capital for other investments. This reduces the risk and offers not only a long term return on you investment but also an easy exit strategy should you need one.

2. Home purchaser. As a home purchaser you’ll be supporting our business model directly. In addition you can sell your unit later if you choose to. As the market value rises we predict in line with traditional properties. We estimate a 7% per annum return on your investment. (We cannot guarantee the returns estimated due to unforeseen market trends and world economic conditions).

You may not be the biggest investor, but your support can give you returns and benefits also.

Crowdfunding has become a popular form of investment in the 21st century and we embrace our smaller supports.

As a crowd based investor you’ll enjoy the same benefits as a whale. You’ll get full access to our financials progress as we develop and of course your share of any profits we may make over time.

Our crowd funding proposition will be posted soon. Please contact John McMaster by facebook DM

If you think we have a great idea and product proposition, make sure you don’t miss the boat with a wait and see mentality. Contact us now to discuss your early stage investment opportunities.