Land preparation

Whether you have your own piece of land or acquire a short term temporary peppercorn lease on land, we work with you or the land owner to prepare the land ready to receive your new home.

What makes us different, in part, is our attention to details in making your living space feel like home from day one.

The outside of your home becomes as much a part of your living space as the inside when you choose to minimize your lifestyle.

We work with you to decide what you’ll need around your house and our site preparation specialists will not only make way for your home arriving, but also build outside structures and even lay your turf or install your pool.

We also connect the land to the mains systems if required stepping you through the process every step of the way.

We are working to secure land sites with investors who benefit from our land preparation work and planning permissions. That means we can also offer you land in locations all around Europe initially and the rest of the world as we grow.