I was doing quite well in advertising and had managed to buy my first house at a surprisingly young age.

Building brands for other companies had taught me how the machine worked.

Working on some home improvements, I was struggling building a kitchen cabinet. My wife was making a dress on the floor and I said to her; “Look how easy it is for women to make stuff. Plans with all the stuff to buy on the back and easy step by step instructions inside. Wish they had those for building furniture”. She said; “That’s a great idea”. And so began my first product in the form of step-by-step plans for building furniture.

The end rewards allowed me to start my own advertising agency and I quickly developed an impressive portfolio of clients. A time of abundance as the money just kept pouring in. But life has its little tricks and after my first divorce things took a turn for the worse and then again another twist of fate and hay presto I’m married again and rebuilding another agency. Unfortunately that didn’t end so well either and yet another crash and burn period in my life. Won’t bore you with all the details but I did learn that things, no matter how bad they look, ALWAYS GET BETTER. But I must admit being a romantic, my pursuit of true love has (as I’m sure it is with everyone) a conundrum that still baffles me and has in fact presented EVERY negative feeling and deep pain I’ve ever felt. It can however be the biggest motivator when life lets you feel that special moment, if even for a short time.

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