Minimal High-end Homes

Life is full of surprises and change is the only thing we can be certain of.

I am always exploring new ways to make life a little better for us all and give my all once I spot something that can be changed for the better.

Recently I explored alternative living styles and quickly realized people don’t have many options to make changes to their lives. The problem is those bills just keep on coming and most people are only 90 days away from living on the street if they lose their job and can’t find another or suffer a health problem.

With this in mind I set of on what has been a 4 year journey. I visited tiny communities across Europe living in a van and earning my keep as I went, to see for myself first hand why the stigma existed towards people who simply chose another option and why tiny communities struggle to survive.

A great example of this was the Strijp project in Eindhoven Holland. Philips had made the space between their old factories available ‘rent free’ for 5 years. All you had to do was drop a container, do some upgrades and add-ons and you’re in business. The community quickly grew. However it was clear as I spoke to the tenants that all things in paradise weren’t always what they appeared to be. A committee had formed as the space grew and it was clear that ‘certain residents’ were being ostracized as they didn’t ‘fit in’. But then I found that this was common on other sites across Europe. Once the proverbial committee formed a hierarchy quickly established itself and everything started to go south.

But that wasn’t the only problems I found. People who live in tiny communities tend to completely shun the corporate structure and the corporate workers frown on the tiny communities stigmatizing them with tags such as; low-life, drop outs, trailer trash etc.

Option2 has a goal to revisit all of the above with an all round solution. The column on the left outlines how we intend to do this and why this can work while the traditional model doesn’t.

With tiny living spaces that are practical, cheaper and tailored to suit everyone’s taste and lifestyle.

The architecture has been supplied by an amazing lady who understands living and work spaces better than anyone I have met on my journeys. Visit her website to find out more; Arsylia Giaramazidi