What is Option2

Life offers us many choices and yet most of us will choose a career path that will tie-up the majority of our creative focus to one ‘occupation’ for life. In the end the majority of people will commit 7 to 10 hours (if not more) every day to repeating a pattern, over and over again, simply to pay the bills, until health prevents us or we are given our not so golden handshake, or we simply no longer ‘fit the companies demographic’.

We are left with the haunting question…

what if I had explored my creativity more?
what if I had chosen to follow the dream instead of the money?
what if there was another option other than simply working every day to pay the bills?
what if I had taken the red pill instead of the blue 🙂 ?

It seems that when people have had enough of the 9 to 5 grind just to pay the bills, they start setting fire to bridges in what looks like a temporary state of insanity and seems to everyone they know that they have ‘totally lost it’.

Option2 offers a realistic opportunity to escape from what seems like the madness of the traditional model of working just to pay the bills, without burning your bridges and with the full support of the very institutions that seemed to be the cause of your frustrations.

Corporations pay a high price when someone they have nurtured to help them build their business models suddenly walks out the door vowing never to return. In most cases companies understand that people go through frustrations and burnout. In my companies I have openly offered employees a year off after 3 years of work. And given the opportunity I believe that most other companies would be only too happy to do the same, faced with the alternative of losing a valued employee permanently. In addition corporations who plan for such events find it easier to make the transition, save money in the form of tax allowances and gain social brownie points with their target customers.

Option2’s vision is to create a self sustainable model of living that allows people to escape without the drama and without burning any bridges.

Our existing increasing homelessness situation is a direct result of people assuming their situation would never change. But in today’s world change happens fast and without warning.
There is a saying that ‘most people are only 90 days away from living on the street’. Simply put, if you’re not able to pay the bills for the things you have, you’ll lose them.
When we have what seems like abundance, we never invest in uncertainty. And that’s why people are made homeless every day.
Investing in a minimal home is not only security if something goes wrong. You may just want to take a year away from the 9 to 5. Or have a holiday retreat. Or earn money from student rentals.
Paying forward is simply investing to provide more long term security.

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